Monday, July 12, 2010

And the winner is....

Well we didn't take first place....that went to last year's second place winner who sent in basically the same design (do I sound peeved? I am!).  But congratulations go to Candice Prince with a third place win for Benjamin's Basement!  Way to go Candice!  I was surprised with the other results as I thought this was the strongest group of entries we've had so far.  Start planning for next year!

P.S. The designs will be published in the August issue of Animation Magazine. The winners can be seen at

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time to Vote Online!

The entries are online!  You can vote for your favorites.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

And the winners are......

Here are the pitches that will be in the August issue of Animation Magazine!
Thanks to everyone who entered, there was a lot of great work posted. 
Special thanks to our esteemed judges, 
all Cap grads except for Kevin (but we won't hold that against him!).  
Click on their names to see their blogs/websites.

Thanks again everyone!  The winners will be contacted regarding submitting their final designs to me for sending to Animation Magazine.  We need to get this out soon.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Competition Closed - Judging Stage

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry.  Our judges will be looking at your work now and when they have given me their choices, I'll post the winners here.  Good luck!

Note that the winning entries will need to be resubmitted to me by email in a hi-res format.  I'll contact you individually.

Because one was gonna be late, I saved the crappiest one for last!

Meet Mr Wells

God, how is it possible this is crappier than last year?! Never mind, I do know... :(

(I dare anyone to say this wasn't posted before noon.)


last one from me.


I don't know if I got the file size right, but it's already deadline! @_@


This is my idea. It took forever to get right, but just in time.

The Yaardvark

Monday, May 31, 2010

My pitch

Trench & Ray Gun Sally

Sooo, here is my contribution! I wasn't sure which I of the first idea I preferred, so I posted both. Sweet.

CAp'n cRacKErs!!

Two variations of the same pitch

I wasn't sure on which title to choose so I posted both? I hope that's okay.

I really wanted to add another part to the pitch. It was supposed to say "especially when the city hero is a bigger villain than you" at the end but it went over the allowed word count by a few words :(


I fixed something, Now its complete.

Pug & Cat

Surprise! Bet no one saw this coming.

Cat the Border Collie

His eyes say 'HALP!' more guys, pooooost mooooore!!!!!

Animation Magazine Pitch Party 2010 Info

Here's the info for Animation Magazine's Pitch Party this year.

Here's are a few light hearted ones...

please comment :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cat nap

when Sam's dreams take a turn for the worst his dream curator steps in.

Two Pitches: My Sister is a Teenage Zombie; Booki Morph

Saturday, May 29, 2010

One pitch so far

Friday, May 28, 2010

Just a few pitches

And my last one (which... is actually just for fun) CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS FOR THE LOST FINALE. But you might not get it if you haven't seen the finale anyway, so look if you want to.


That's it for me. C:


Benjamin's Basement

This isn't your average basement....Meet the boy with an over reactive imagination as Benjamin takes you on multiple creepy adventures doowwnnnnsttaaiirrssssss


Friday, April 16, 2010

Okay gang, Animation Magazine has just announced their Pitch Party for 2010!  We are going for our third straight win...."impossible" you say????  Not if we can help it!  

Read the instructions below, take note of the deadline, view last year's blog (now open to visitors) see last year's winners and prizes and get your design(s) in!

Commercial Animation is buying a full page (six "pitches") and we need your designs to fill the space. Each pitch would normally cost you $375 US but we're going to cover it because it helps us get the word out that we have such an awesome group of artists.

So to be entered (for free) you must enter our mini-competition whose winners will have their work submitted to Animation Magazine's competition (and be published).

Capilano's Pitch Party Procedure

1. Important: email Don and ask to be a contributing member of this Pitch Party Blog (and then accept the invitation) so you can post!

2. Post as many designs as you like. 
Read the instructions to make sure you know what the magazine is looking for. Though it would be nice to have six different students represented, there's no rule that says the same person can't win two out of the six spots and this has happened in the past.

3. The 
Capilano competition closes at 12 o'clock noon, Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 and our judges (to be announced) will decide on the winners by June 4th.  Each judge will give me a ranked list of their 6 favorite entries.  The pitches with the highest ranking will make the Animation Magazine pitch party.  Judges may comment on your work and you can make changes.  Winners will need to submit HI-RES image files (JPG or TIFF) to me by email by June 5th. I will send them on to Animation Magazine before their deadline.

You may post early and get feedback from people. Once posting begins, only invited blog members will be able to visit the blog until the judging starts.

4. Judges will be selected from the industry.

5. The winners will then have a couple days to tighten up their designs and we will submit them to Animation Magazine for publishing. The Animation Magazine rules for last year (and great advice about what to design) are at this 

6. Submit:
a) An image, EXACTLY 2.25 inches wide by 4.875 inches high (If you're using TV Paint, the equivalent is 1350 pixels wide by 2923 pixels high).
b) Up to 30 words (part of the artwork) to pitch the idea or character
c) The title of your Pitch (optional on artwork)
d) Contact information (email address and maybe your blog address if you've got a killer blog that you want people to visit)
e) Email me your name, title of pitch, email address and phone number that I will forward with the artwork.  You must give me permission to send this to Animation Magazine or I cannot submit your work (Instructors are not permitted to release any information about students without their permission).
Important! Check out past entries (below) to research why pitches won and which designs looked crappy! When designing, watch out for: text too small to read, bad composition/negative space, cramped layout from trying to get too much in, unappealing characters or ones that lack personality, sick colours or too many colours, boring concept or one that's been done to death or one that's offensive or too adult....they're looking for "fresh" and "kid-friendly".

Want to see our first pitch party blog? Click here:

Want to see the 2008 Animation Mag entries? Click here: